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Pump Station Replacement and Installation In New Hampshire

Pump stations are necessary when the elevation of the source isn't high enough to allow gravity to naturally pull wastewater along to a leaching system. With years of service to businesses, residential communities, and municipalities, Kent Septic is a trusted provider of careful and professional pump station installation for a service area in New Hampshire.

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The Anatomy Of A Pumping/Lifting Station

Properly and installing your pump station is critical when it comes to receiving years of reliable usage. This begins with a waste waster wet well. The wet well is the foundation of any pump station. As wastewater enters the wet well, the water level rises. This eventually triggers the pump station to either lift the wastwater through a treatment system, or simply lift it to a higher grade, to a point where gravity can take over. Inside the wet well, we house the following:

  • Pumps: for any pump station the pumps are, naturally, an incredibly important part of the system responsible for reliably pushing wastewater where it needs to go.
  • Float Switch: the float switch plays a very important role by telling the pumps to engage when wastewater reaches a specific level. It's importantt to remember here that wet wells are not intended to be a "holding tank" for wastewater.Depending on your needs, a wet well doesn't have to be very large.
  • The Control Panel and Alarm: the control panel is the first place we go to provide service for any sewage lifting station, it also provides important indication when your pump station is working properly (or not).
  • The "Valve Vault": The valve vault is simply a collection of pipes and valves that regulate pressure and connect with the collection system's outlet. This is where wastewater leaves the system, and moves on to the next stage in its journey to a municipal treatment plant or sewage system.

How often does a pump station need to be cleaned or serviced?

We generally recommend our residential customers have their wet wells cleaned every 4 years and our commercial customers once a year. This helps prevent the buildup of grease and solids which can damage your pump. In addition to cleaning and pumping, pump station inspections from Kent Septic will also ensure proper functionality of the submersible pumps, valves, floats, alarm systems, and other vital system components.

Troubleshooting if your pump station needs service:

First, you may hear an alarm going off, don't panic, that is just a warning that there may be an issue with the pump.

  • Check your circuit breaker to see if it may have tripped.
  • Have you lost power for any length of time, once the power comes back on it may need 15-20 minutes for the pump to catch up and pump the effluent down.

If the alarm continues after checking these, Call Kent Clean Septic for service.

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